Sunday, September 23, 2012

El Salvador!

Hey guys so let me explain how first week is going to and living in el salvador was. i have changed so much just in this last week so on the way to el salvador apparently a bus on the road flipped so my bus driver decided to just drive on the wrong side of the road because it was faster to el salvador. hahahah its so weird here. so i get there and some guy was hugging me and in my head i was like why is this guy hugging me and who is this elder. ya it was the mission president so first day just stayed with the mission president and the assitants . so next day we go and get our companions and get to work. we get to our area to teach oh my companions name is elder Ñañez and he is from lima peru!! and we get in our house and its half out side and half inside and there was trash every where and lizards and bugs. so yes surprisingly i didnt buy treats the first thing in the mission i bought garbage bags, soap, and toilet paper. and cleaned the entire place. and now i keep the place clean every day. because i dont want  bugs or animals living with me. even though the animals understand me more then the people do. the 2nd surprising thing  other than i cleaned and washed everything and make my companion wash his hands and dishes after use. i have a goal to wake up at 5:30 every day and so far i have kept it. because i want an extra hour to study!! but time to talk about some funny things 1. i live  in the jungle part so when i have to pee i cant pee at the first tree i see because the trees our peoples houses here.  so instead i pee on the first house i see. just joking i dont pee on the houses either i just have to hold it for 2 years. people here dont know how to read and those that do cant say my name. but those who watch t.v. think i look like zoolander. i also own a machete so i am the latino indiana jones around here. i have to use my machete a lot. yup havent had time to buy my big umbrella so i get soaked a lot. i thought i knew what rain was until i got here nope this is real rain. it actually pours and is thick and fast. i get socked so today i bought my boots and umbrella. i'm sure i'm out of money in my account dad i get to visit the san salvador temple every 4 months and the families i baptize that can get sealed there' i get to take them.  oh and all those who want to send me a package it has to be through normal us mail with value less than $40. if not in normal us mail it will cost me 100 dollars when it gets here but us mail is free for me, less than $40. but time to talk about what i went through here. first week out in the field i was miserable first couple days. day number 1 was really misersable i cant understand my companion dont understand the people taught 6 lessons in my first day. which was the best part but nope dont know any spanish again. i have no idea whats going on here. i lived in the dirtiest house . but now i cleaned it so dont worry. and i just felt like the frist 2 days that (i cant do this)  (i just cant do this). (i cant do this)  (i just cant do this).  it was miserable but on friday i was talking to guy named renay and i asked him to be baptiside dont know the word in english. baptisized or something like that. sorry i am forgetting my english. but when i taught him i could see the change in his eyes and i felt the spirit so strongly through me to him it was increable and that is why i am here!!! i had a family that i was teaching who is learning english ask me to pray in english yeah  i didnt remember hahaha so bad. but then yesterday i contacted a person on the street taught a first lesson and she committed to baptism and she was crying and i could just tell her life has been changed and she wants to come unto christ. mom i am so grateful you accepted the gospel i wouldnt be here if it was not for the gospel i love the gospel. sorry i cant spell because i am trying to learn spanish and now applying it to my english sorry. so the people here are incredible and different. i mean they all live in grass mud houses and you will be teaching them and there cow will just walk in and sit with us. so i probably could of baptized like 80 cows by now. there is animals every where in the houses people just sleep with there animals i swear in every house there is like 50 chickens 4 cows 15 dogs and 3 cats. and a billion lizards and there house is probably as big as our kitchen or smaller. and families have like 15 children all from different fathers. because here they dont believe in marriage so the law of chastity is big here!!! and they dont have marriage license here they dont exist. so its hard to get people married. its incredible!!! and so it went from being the hardest most miserable first day of my life. to getting better. but just like the scriptures say "love casteth out all fear and doubt". and i love the lord!!! i am sorry to hear that some of my friends have come home!! that makes me super sad!! i love you all have a great week i pray for you all!!!

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