Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goals and Miracles

Hey fam fam,

I am really grateful that I am in the mission.  I learn more and more every day about the atonement and I am learning about how to change and become better every day!!!  I am learning how to be more disciplined and plan and be organized.  This week we really had a miracle.  We have an investigator named Carlos who I thought would never progress.  He just didn't want to give up anything to go to church.  So this week my comp and I started to do what the lideres are asking us to do. To plan 8 weeks ahead, get a map, divide our area, mark where all-the members, in-actives, and old investigadores are and just write everything down on the map.  So we did that.  Then we started to make lesson plans on three things the Doctrine, Principles, and application.  Because a lot of times when someone doesn't do something, we talk about what they're not doing and this is not going to help someone change.  They need to understand why!   So he was not going to church because he didn't understand the atonement. So we made three lessons plans, and when  he understood the atonement he made the decision to go to church him self.  He read lots of chapters in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible and set his own baptismal date.  This just shows if we do all that we can and listen to our lideres the lord will bless us because this is his work!!!

Well I love you guys, were doing good. Mom or ryan or jenn send me some crepe recipes were going to make some crepes this week please send as fast as possible.

loves!!! miss you all. happy birthday to Yesenia, Steven, Daddy-O, Kakelyn and mi, and if I forgot any one else well bummer.

Here are some views from Daniel's apartment.