Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So this week was crap, a lot of fun, but crap!!!  We had only one investigator in church this week and that's with us getting up at five in morning and trying to get everyone to church. We had 60 in attendance and that is so bad, because usually we have 90 in attendance. The mission is getting super hard again, in the way of the work!!  I feel like I have been slowing down a bit on the work. I'll be honest my mission is very disobedient and I am quite honestly surprised how many elders are still in the mission.  The president should send them home.  But any ways! Because my district is kinda of lazy, I kind of, have let some things slide.  Not big things, just like sleeping in and stuff, but I wish I didn't, because it obviously affected our work this week. By letting my companion sleep in and be a little lazy. When I was doing splits, the missionaries were idiots and watched a movie, a Disney movie, but still so frustrating!!   Because I won't lie, you all know me, I am super lazy, and man I am so tempted every day to just be like, hey lets just relax one day or something.  But I know I can't do that because then I'll want to do that every day! The other missionaries call me "fletchon" sometimes but I am not here to watch movies!!  I can start to feel my self returning to the lazy me little by little!!  So I am just trying to hang on right now and get focused!!  But it's so hard for me because that's just who I am or was before the mission, just chill let everything go! But I am trying to work hard and do my best!!

About the earthquake, it was super funny!!!  We were in a zone meeting and our zone leader felt it and just bolted out side and all 21 of us just sat in there and just road the quake.  It was fun and I wasn't scared at all surprisingly!!  I don't know what it is, while I have been in the mission and when the gang members say stuff and do stuff  I have not been scared at all, I just feel The Lords love and just am happy. But yeah the quake, everyone here is great, it was mostly in Guatemala.  I am worried about my buddy, Elder Ashcroft.

But yeah, I would love your prayers on being obedient, because I need so much help so I don't break!!  Especially in this last change, I got some gringos in my district that are super fun, but they take it over the line and do stuff I want to do so badly but I can't because I know it's against missionary rules.

Love you all, Elder McKenna

Monday, November 5, 2012


Dear Family & Friends,
I could really feel your prayers for me this past week.  Thank you so much for all your prayers.  
So this week was super fun!!! yeah!! Monday was my birthday and that was way fun!!!  Except it's a tradition here to get your face slammed with a cake and we had four families plan a surprise party for me, so I had to get my face slammed 4 times which was awesome!! But here you don't waste food so you have to eat everything even the face mark in the cake  Yeah in 2 hours I had to eat 8 popusas, 1 pizza, chocolate bananas, 4 big cakes, chicken sandwiches and 2 2litter sodas.  Yeah it was super fun, but it sucked so bad at the same time because it's very rude not to eat what is given to you (since they don't have much) so i had to eat all of that!! no wonder i am getting fat!!

So this week was super fun with my companion he is teaching me a lot.  We work hard and we have 7 dates for baptism this 11 of November and a matrimonial on the 10th we are having so so much fun together and working so hard.  I just made compromises with him, if we work and study all the hours we are supposed to, we can have fun at night in the house!! and believe me we are having so much fun!! especially since the holidays are so big here and everyone here knows how to make fireworks and they have taught us the ways.  I have some cool videos and pics I'll be sending next week because I don't have a lot of time right now.
We have 30 investigators and so don't have a lot of time this week but next week ill send them!!  i feel really bad but good about the leaders of our ward the bishop, young men's presidents, and all those leaders because last week we gave them a list of investigators they needed to visit.  Because we cant visit all of ours because we have so many  and they all promised they would invite them to church and visit them.   But they didn't, so yesterday I held a meeting with them and we asked them to raise there hands if visited the in active members and investigators we had assigned them and not one raised there hand.   Even the bishop didn't even visit a member that is inactive. So we shared a scripture in Jacob that if you don't help the children of god, then the sins is on there heads, so yeah we totally machetted them!!  At first I felt bad but we were guided by the spirit to do that and guess what yesterday all of them visited at least one person so it turns out it worked out!! So we hope to see more people at church this up coming Sunday!! This past Sunday we had 7  investigators and 4 in active at church.

So yeah I am having a lot of fun!! Teaching people about Jesus is so much fun.  Have a great week bye,
Elder Daniel McKenna