Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Missing the Cold

Hey Fam Fam 
Yessssssssss!  I got Christmas Packages!  Tell Bernice & Patti, thanks.  I love those guys!  Mom, the Christmas card which I loved!!! I love you all!!

NO the family did not get baptized!!  They are having problems with an in active member.  It's really sad.  The mom, Patti, her best friend is a member but in active and is telling her and her family to not go to church, so they are disanimating them!!   I am really sad that people do this!!!  I just wanted to contar que there is a family here that is blind, but they can cook, speak English, read brail and play piano and they just have the most faith I have ever seen.  They are members and they are just awesome.
Oh man I miss 1 degree weather!!  I miss the snow so much!!!  I miss you all!!!  Hey what's grant doing??  Is he going to go on a missh mish or what??

  I  love you all.  I am doing really great.  I really have found myself again!!   I am just so happy all the time!!  I just remember walking into the mtc and giving my comp a hug, Elder Hansan and I just felt his love and we have been the best of buds since!!  I really have gotten to being myself again.  The mission is the best! You think you leave everything you are behind; but in reality you find who you really are and get to feel the love and true happiness!!  You really get to realize the blessings that one has!!  We really have the best family!!!  I really hope some day  I can be 1 tenth of a parent that you guys are!!! mom DAD your the best!!

If it makes you feel any better I am listening to Enya right now, lazy days because its p day! Enya is like the music of the heavens I am pretty sure Enya is like the Justin Bieber to God, it really is just beautiful music and just gets you all happy and spiritually awesome!!

I really love you guys, I really love the Lord, I am really hoping for my gift to him these last 6 months that I have I can give all I got and then after the mission I can give more!! 

I have nothing to complain about here, I love the work, I have amazing friends!! Elder Hanson & Martin!!  & Elder Peru they're the best buddies anyone could
ever ask for and we all have the same standards!!  Love the mission!
Esta semana pasado fue un gran semana gracias por el viaje al Templo yo aprendí mas de el plan de salvación y la amor que Dios tiene para nosotros. También machismo gracias por el dia de gracias yo aprendí que gratitud es un mandamiento.

Yo quiero dar mi gracias por el tiempo que yo tuve en Sabana Grande.   yo creo que yo nunca he dado mi gracias por la oportunidad que yo tenia a trabajar allá.  estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de mis compañeros y los áreas que yo he tenido.   yo aprendí mucho de la esperanza y amor y fe de Dios en Sabana Grande y creo que fue a donde yo realmente aumento mi relaciona con mi Padre Celestial. Gracias por todo!

Elders en Cuzcachapa están Enfermo ore para ellos por la salud para que pueden empezar a trabajar en la obra del salvación porfavor.

Gracias por todo

Elder McKenna


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goals and Miracles

Hey fam fam,

I am really grateful that I am in the mission.  I learn more and more every day about the atonement and I am learning about how to change and become better every day!!!  I am learning how to be more disciplined and plan and be organized.  This week we really had a miracle.  We have an investigator named Carlos who I thought would never progress.  He just didn't want to give up anything to go to church.  So this week my comp and I started to do what the lideres are asking us to do. To plan 8 weeks ahead, get a map, divide our area, mark where all-the members, in-actives, and old investigadores are and just write everything down on the map.  So we did that.  Then we started to make lesson plans on three things the Doctrine, Principles, and application.  Because a lot of times when someone doesn't do something, we talk about what they're not doing and this is not going to help someone change.  They need to understand why!   So he was not going to church because he didn't understand the atonement. So we made three lessons plans, and when  he understood the atonement he made the decision to go to church him self.  He read lots of chapters in both the Book of Mormon and the Bible and set his own baptismal date.  This just shows if we do all that we can and listen to our lideres the lord will bless us because this is his work!!!

Well I love you guys, were doing good. Mom or ryan or jenn send me some crepe recipes were going to make some crepes this week please send as fast as possible.

loves!!! miss you all. happy birthday to Yesenia, Steven, Daddy-O, Kakelyn and mi, and if I forgot any one else well bummer.

Here are some views from Daniel's apartment.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Place, New Companion

This week was legit President Cordons brother came to our stake ward council meeting.  He is in the first quorum of the seventy, he is really cool.  I feel bad though because I killed a giant toad the same day.  Because listen, the toads here are just so big and fun looking and one of our lessons fell through, so I saw the bloke and I was like okay and I chucked two rocks at it and it died.  In the time I thought it was fun but later I thought I probably shouldn't kill little critters anymore. 

So my district has 7 baptism dates right now and we have 4 for this Sunday.  I am really excited for them. Please keep praying for the family Albiaza and Rodriguez.  I am really glad to have Elder Gonzalez for a comp he is really good and I am learning a lot from him.   But I kinda of feel bad because yesterday he was mad because our other comp doesn't want to work.  So I did a reunion of testimonies in our house last night so everyone could just say how they feel. It turns out he has not learned anything from me and he doesn't think I am a good example for a leader because he has been showing me the area and stuff.  (He has been here longer and knows the area better but Pres. made me the district leader.) so I felt bad because okay I do have a bad memory and I still don't know our area completely.  So this week please pray for me that I can learn our area and so I can do more and actually show Elder Gonzalez that I do know what I am doing so we can work better.

So this week these our the things I am going to work on so I can teach more with the spirit.

It's in preach my gospel page four.  I am going to do those six things so please pray that I will be able to do them.  I only have like 9 more months so I really got to do all I can and do my best I know I am where I am supposed to be, but to be honest I don't really like the area.  I love teaching the people and working here but I don't know, I just feel left out, don't fit in, I don't know, it's weird.  But I am just going to work hard here and do my best.

Hey mom I think it would be a great idea for the family to put a goal to have everyone invite a non member to their Christmas party in their ward this Christmas and I'll try to bring that many people to church here, how many you guys bring so I can be part of the family goal.  Who wants to be part of the family goal???

Yup so I am working hard and having fun!! and just doing all that i can. miss you guys keep up the fun!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Missing Raspberries & Snow

Hey, I don't have much info, we had 12 baptisms in our district. It was awesome. We have changes this Wednesday.   I will be going to another area.
I miss raspberries and snow.  Everything is going great. Just a funny for you guys.
Me: sometimes I get scared I will wake up a marshmallow
Elder Peru: you would eat yourself
Me: I wouldn't even question it.
Keep up the fun and work hard!!!! keep praying for the family Ramirz.

love you guys!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Short, But Sweet!

 Waddups!! how is everything going ?? What's everyone up to??  How is Jacob doing with his b day!!  What's he been up too?  Is he going to start boarding? rock climbing anything?  How is ry guy doing? and Jenn?
Hey man that dang garage is always broken!!! So I am glad to here that your weather is getting colder there and you guys are having lots of fun.  Here it's still hot every day I don't think I have ever felt cold here.  I miss snow so much!!!
yeah mom pray for the family Ramirez y Gutierrez.
Yeah my comp is super cool we are working really hard still doing good work!!!
Well love you guys bye

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daniel Cut Out

Hey so this week was super cool!!  No I did not have changes, still chilling here in Sabana Grande.  This week our district did an activity to celebrate mothers day.  As a district we had 51 investigators, all moms.  So I guess in a sense we are just snaking, but hey behind every mom is a fam fam.

If Jacob is getting married he needs to put aside like 80 bucks to get a life size card board cut out of me.  Because lets just be honest that would be so cool and awesome!!! It's actually cooler to have a life size card board cut out then the real person usually hahaha.   I think so, I think that would be ligit.!!! I think its about 80 bucks. but its worth it trust me!!!

Speaking of marriage. I have  great idea.  Mom you need to find a family with two sisters that are not twins but are like a year apart so that Martin and I can be brothers when we get back!! hehe that would be cool too because we got to be bros.
Hey i just want to give my thanks for all my family and all they do for me  i love you all!!!  Elder McKenna

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Phone Call

Yup we got to see Daniel's big smile through Skype over Mother's Day weekend.
He said the area he is in is super small, I think he said around 5,000. Plus he has to be home by 6 PM because it's not safe for the missionaries to be out any later. We walks 30 minutes to his every day up a little mountain.

He spoke to our brother Jacob for a little bit. I think Daniel was in shock about Jacob getting engaged to Melissa. He doesn't want anyone's life to move on while he is gone.

Kadan, Daniel's nephew was so excited to talk to him. We even brought a pineapple just to have there with us for the call. Pineapple makes everything that much better, is what Daniel and I use to say.
 He roasts lots of marshmallow's and makes smore's a lot too. He loves his companion currently but is still hoping for a gringo companion.

He didn't have much to write the following P-day because we was going to the temple that day. Here is what he said though.

Hey fam fam wadd ups!!!?? Loved talking to you guys on sat sat!! super chill!! Jenn loved the Pine pine!! I promise i'll start taking more fotos and sending more fotos. Thanks mom because your a mom!!