Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daniel Cut Out

Hey so this week was super cool!!  No I did not have changes, still chilling here in Sabana Grande.  This week our district did an activity to celebrate mothers day.  As a district we had 51 investigators, all moms.  So I guess in a sense we are just snaking, but hey behind every mom is a fam fam.

If Jacob is getting married he needs to put aside like 80 bucks to get a life size card board cut out of me.  Because lets just be honest that would be so cool and awesome!!! It's actually cooler to have a life size card board cut out then the real person usually hahaha.   I think so, I think that would be ligit.!!! I think its about 80 bucks. but its worth it trust me!!!

Speaking of marriage. I have  great idea.  Mom you need to find a family with two sisters that are not twins but are like a year apart so that Martin and I can be brothers when we get back!! hehe that would be cool too because we got to be bros.
Hey i just want to give my thanks for all my family and all they do for me  i love you all!!!  Elder McKenna

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