Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Phone Call

Yup we got to see Daniel's big smile through Skype over Mother's Day weekend.
He said the area he is in is super small, I think he said around 5,000. Plus he has to be home by 6 PM because it's not safe for the missionaries to be out any later. We walks 30 minutes to his every day up a little mountain.

He spoke to our brother Jacob for a little bit. I think Daniel was in shock about Jacob getting engaged to Melissa. He doesn't want anyone's life to move on while he is gone.

Kadan, Daniel's nephew was so excited to talk to him. We even brought a pineapple just to have there with us for the call. Pineapple makes everything that much better, is what Daniel and I use to say.
 He roasts lots of marshmallow's and makes smore's a lot too. He loves his companion currently but is still hoping for a gringo companion.

He didn't have much to write the following P-day because we was going to the temple that day. Here is what he said though.

Hey fam fam wadd ups!!!?? Loved talking to you guys on sat sat!! super chill!! Jenn loved the Pine pine!! I promise i'll start taking more fotos and sending more fotos. Thanks mom because your a mom!!

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