Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Baptism

Hey thanks mom yeah I can't live in my area (that I work in)  because its super poor and they just use plastic and metal sheets for houses.  So I live in the pueblo and hike up the mountain every morning and down every night like 30 min each way about 1 hour in total.  Yeah my comp is super cool we are working good and having a fun time   
I got a letter from my good friend Elder Ashcroft (my comp from the MTC) which was great.  I miss the guy!  What's funny is I only knew him for like 3 weeks but I feel like we have known each other for life.  What's even weirder is it's almost been a year since I met him. crazy huh??
I really don't want to come back the same person that I was before I left home. I know I have changed a lot for the better but I was thinking this week, and figured out one way I could become better.  I felt like I needed to tell the president about when I watched the new Batman movie when I first got in the mission.  So I wrote him a letter today telling him.  I guess we will just see what happens.  I'll probably have to change areas :( and be moved down to jr comp. for some time.  But that's fine with me; serving the lord is serving the lord no matter what position your in and I really want to be someone the president can trust and the Lord can trust.  I want to come back honorable, knowing I did my best and tried to change for the best and become the person that my father in heaven wants me to be.
So we confirmed one family last sunday and baptized Amilcar, yesterday which was super spiritual.  He already wants to go on a mission and I feel bad telling him he still has to wait.  So Tomas went to the church Sunday and he has a strong testimony of the church and everything.  It's just his wife Guatalupe, she goes to church because it's tradition and won't marry the guy.   Super funny though; she was like I want to get married in my church and before I could say anything Tomas is like I don't want to get married in a church I dont think is true.   hahaha bam machete!!!! hehehe   But I am trying to help them get married; a civil marriage, no churches attached.   But yup that's all that's going on this week.  I'll keep you guys posted, love you all!!  Having the best time of my life!!!

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