Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Missing the Cold

Hey Fam Fam 
Yessssssssss!  I got Christmas Packages!  Tell Bernice & Patti, thanks.  I love those guys!  Mom, the Christmas card which I loved!!! I love you all!!

NO the family did not get baptized!!  They are having problems with an in active member.  It's really sad.  The mom, Patti, her best friend is a member but in active and is telling her and her family to not go to church, so they are disanimating them!!   I am really sad that people do this!!!  I just wanted to contar que there is a family here that is blind, but they can cook, speak English, read brail and play piano and they just have the most faith I have ever seen.  They are members and they are just awesome.
Oh man I miss 1 degree weather!!  I miss the snow so much!!!  I miss you all!!!  Hey what's grant doing??  Is he going to go on a missh mish or what??

  I  love you all.  I am doing really great.  I really have found myself again!!   I am just so happy all the time!!  I just remember walking into the mtc and giving my comp a hug, Elder Hansan and I just felt his love and we have been the best of buds since!!  I really have gotten to being myself again.  The mission is the best! You think you leave everything you are behind; but in reality you find who you really are and get to feel the love and true happiness!!  You really get to realize the blessings that one has!!  We really have the best family!!!  I really hope some day  I can be 1 tenth of a parent that you guys are!!! mom DAD your the best!!

If it makes you feel any better I am listening to Enya right now, lazy days because its p day! Enya is like the music of the heavens I am pretty sure Enya is like the Justin Bieber to God, it really is just beautiful music and just gets you all happy and spiritually awesome!!

I really love you guys, I really love the Lord, I am really hoping for my gift to him these last 6 months that I have I can give all I got and then after the mission I can give more!! 

I have nothing to complain about here, I love the work, I have amazing friends!! Elder Hanson & Martin!!  & Elder Peru they're the best buddies anyone could
ever ask for and we all have the same standards!!  Love the mission!
Esta semana pasado fue un gran semana gracias por el viaje al Templo yo aprendí mas de el plan de salvación y la amor que Dios tiene para nosotros. También machismo gracias por el dia de gracias yo aprendí que gratitud es un mandamiento.

Yo quiero dar mi gracias por el tiempo que yo tuve en Sabana Grande.   yo creo que yo nunca he dado mi gracias por la oportunidad que yo tenia a trabajar allá.  estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de mis compañeros y los áreas que yo he tenido.   yo aprendí mucho de la esperanza y amor y fe de Dios en Sabana Grande y creo que fue a donde yo realmente aumento mi relaciona con mi Padre Celestial. Gracias por todo!

Elders en Cuzcachapa están Enfermo ore para ellos por la salud para que pueden empezar a trabajar en la obra del salvación porfavor.

Gracias por todo

Elder McKenna