Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventure! 8/25/12

This week was a big adventure!!! On Monday we went to town and it was so much fun!!! Everyone here is kind of lame though.  They said their favorite part was eating at Wendy's, but no it was definitely the market!!!! Because of my mom, great mom, I ran a hard bargain to the market people.   I got a Mexican poncho for 75 ketz that’s like 10 bucks. They were trying to sell it to me for 150 ketz, but nope I won’t be scammed! Nope nope nope. It was funny, I understood more Spanish than ever before at the market bartering.  Like I was telling you my shoes ripped in half from all the calle soccer, so I got my new shoes at the market!! They tried selling them to me for 300 ketz that’s about 40 bucks but I bought them for 200 ketz which is like 26 bucks.  These shoes are nice! Don’t worry mom these ones won’t rip!! I won’t play soccer in them; I’ll just play bare foot!! Hehe.  Lately for pday and free time we play volleyball!! The 3 biggest sports here are well of course football, by a long shot then surprisingly, its baseball and third volleyball. So I chose the better second choice, volleyball!! I got a pretty good spike going on.  On pday and free time I spend most of my time with Elder Ashcroft y Elder Anderson.   Elder Ashcroft is from Colorado and we are so much alike. We are always laughing non-stop and having the best of times. He is super chill!! We both work really hard and of course have fun while were working and get a lot done!! We have the best of times.  He loves to relax, laugh and have fun. I know Elder Ashcroft is here to help me through the CCM with the companion I have. My companion is Elder Jones and we are complete opposites!!! I don’t think he has ever laughed or smiled in his life. I thought I was emotional but not compared to him.  So the other day I was talking to him and I asked him if he was ready.  I asked him in Spanish of course and the only way I know how to ask that in Spanish is listo. He said yeah he was ready, so we start going to class and he exploded.…… I mean exploded. I was like what’s wrong and he was yelling at me that he wasn’t ready and he was super frustrated that I asked him if he was ready. By this point I couldn’t help it I just started laughing because if you weren’t ready why didn’t you just say you weren’t ready?  He was like you need to ask it a better way. So then I asked him how he would like me to ask and do you know what he told me? He doesn’t know how to ask it a different way. Well how does that help me, help my companion, it doesn’t.  That is just one example. Here’s another one.  We were sitting down talking and when he stood up there was red stuff on his pants and I was like elder you got something on your pants.  He started yelling at me because it’s not nice of me to point flaws out. I was just trying to let him know so we could go change his pants.  His anger doesn’t help me because it just makes me laugh. Don’t get me wrong my companion is a very smart guy and he knows so much more Spanish then I do, and I am learning a lot from him on staying organized and focusing. I know god put me and him as companions to help me learn to focus more and use time more wisely. It’s hard because when I try to help him he won’t humble himself. But it’s all good. I am having a great time here!! Loving the work!! I love my investigators. I just got Marisol to commit to baptism.  We set a date this September 24 or something like that but sadly I won’t be here for that day!!!
Elder McKenna

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