Monday, August 20, 2012

Feels like Spring

Hey!  I am having a great week.  Here the ties are only 1 ketzal and they are all handmade.  That’s like 10 cents inAmerican dollars, okay more like 20 but I don’t like math. My goal is to have at least 300 ties when I get home. Hahah chiestie, maybe like 150. The food here has been really great until yesterday.   As I was cutting my meat I saw a dead worm in it! Hahahaha my biggest fear here is the flies. They lay larvas on you!   They get in your skin and then you have to suffocate them out with duct tape.  I hear you can feel them crawling in you.  Lucky for me I have not had this happen, but I did have a massive spider on my notebook.  As I was teaching a lesson I smashed it in my notebook!  Don’t worry I laminated it.  I’ll try to send him home.  I named him aragog like in Harry Potter. He is huge, like the size of my hand.  I went tracking with my Latino campenero this Monday, Elder Querz, he is way legit!! In 2 hours of tracking we placed 3 Books of Mormon.  One of them he made me do all the talking to practice my Spanish!! It was way cool.  We placed 15 pamphlets about the restoration of the gospel and plan of salvation.  We also got 7 peoples contact information for the
real missionaries that actually got called to this area. It’s weird realizing how much freedom we
don't have just because we are in a different country.  When we go to CRE, that’s where we go teach inactive members, we have 2 body guards in front and behind us.  It’s fun. Everyone here has shot guns and stuff.
The ccm has cameras and guards everywhere. Last night a guy came in with a hat, sunglasses and was covering his face. He had a big coat on and he was asking us where we slept. The old me would have been scared but for some reason I wasn’t scared at all. I just thought the Nino was weird.  My roommates were scared!  They wanted to lock the door and close the windows. The weather here is amazing. It’s spring every day! It rains like every day, it’s

Well I am having a great time!

Elder McKenna

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