Saturday, August 11, 2012

Learning all the time!

To family:
Yeah, I need a copy of my patriarchal blessing.  That will be super helpful! When the things exploded I lost a lot of paper stuff and that was one of them.  My shoes ripped in half from all the calle futbol so I am going to buy new ones.
So I went the Guatemala temple this week.  We had to proselyte for an hour before going in because our wait was so long!! But it was a lot of fun.  I understood like 25% of what they were saying.  And yes mom my head does start to hurt really bad from all the learning. I don’t think Jacob had it as bad, because Jacob got to take it easy at the Provo mtc. At the mtc here no one speaks English. It’s either do or die!!! In Provo you could speak Spanish outside of your classes and at lunch, here it’s Spanish 24/7. It gets super frustrating only getting like 25% of what they’re saying and what’s going on.   I have 3 investigators. Laura, I don’t really know her last name because she speaks so fast!! I have to keep telling her “Mas expacio por favor apriendido esponeol” (Sorry can’t spell Spanish words) that means please slow down I’m learning Spanish. Hahaha! She is married and has 3 kids.  We just got her to commit to baptism first thing in September.  Her husband is never there. She has 3 kids and she reads the Book of Mormon to them. The other investigator is Palmira.  She is living with her boyfriend or spouse not really sure . . .  can’t understand language. She had an accident and can’t remember things that well.  I don’t think she will remember our last lesson we taught her. Hahaha no clue what to do with that. Noe is my difficult investigator.  He doesn’t believe in anything but he loves reading history books. He loves history!  He has a hard time paying attention to our lessons because I don’t think we are really finding his needs and what interests him. My companion really wants to teach lessons, but I feel like we need to become more of a friend and we can still teach him through history. I think he would love the history of Nephi going to the Americas and the history of Moroni and all he did.  I committed him to reading those stories.  He loves to read it but he doesn’t feel anything.  He needs to have faith. It’s hard because he doesn’t believe in anything, and he doesn’t seem to care to understand.  I am confused on what to do. Classes are 6 hours every day and it’s super hard because they are in Spanish.  If you don’t understand then you are pretty much dead.   My whole district took Spanish for five years
before the mtc so they practically speak it fluently.  They know all the conjugation’s and past and future participles. I use practically only present tenses and hope they understand when I am talking in past or future. Hahaha it’s frustrating being behind but its fine we all have our own gifts right? The mission president at this mtc is super cool. I go tracting for 3 hours on Monday with my Latino campenero. I feel sorry for him because I don’t understand what people say...  This week was a lot of fun though. Elder Lundberg was my companion because we had a 3 way companionship.  His companion went home so he was paired with us.  He just got switched to another companionship which is a bummer, because he is so funny.  And you’re not going to believe it but his smile is ten times bigger than mine!! It’s great!  Except he drools a lot but still he is the happiest kid I have ever met. I’m glad he is still in my district though.

I love all of my family and friends.  I pray for all of you!! I am having a great time not understanding people and teaching the gospel best I can in a language I can’t understand!! It’s an adventure every day even though I am sitting down all day!! I love you all!!!           

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