Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I made it to Guatemala safely I love it here.  It feels like spring every day! I only can send letters on Saturday but I don’t really understand the system here, so sorry if don’t get my letters in good condition. The kids here, the Latinos, are so good at calle futbol.  I love it!!! So not only is my Spanish improving, muy mal, but my futbol skills are muy mal compared to theirs.  They all want me on their team because I’m white. I said Latinos because <natives> is offensive here!! My miestro (teacher) went to Peru on his mission and his el libro de Mormons cover is a real cheetah skin.  It’s so legit!!! The weather is so nice.  It rains every day but it feels so good! I got two El Salvador bags! I’ll be sending home.  Jenn don’t worry yours is in purple!! I got an El Salvador tie with the temple on it.  So sweet!!! Saturdays are pdays for me.  The system here is a bit different then the Provo ccm. We’re not allowed to sit with girls during eating times.  I don’t know why.  Maybe some boys and girls were feeding each other. I don’t know!!! The food here is so much better then in Provo.  They have a legit chef and he makes the best food!!! I don’t even know what I’m eating but it’s so good! Questionable but good. I don’t understand what the Latinos here are saying.  I might get 2% of what they’re saying and they probably only get 1% of what I’m saying because me Espanola as muy mal y gringo!! But when we're on the soccer field I really feel like we connect!  Still my biggest problem is the language, but I’m not worried about it because last night I had a dream and 1/10 of it was in Spanish.  Did I have a clue what my dream was about? Nope!! Ha but it was in Spanish.  So that was exciting! If you’re dreaming in Spanish then you’re doing something right hahaha ¿right? Sorry I know my grammar sucks but like I said this is a Spanish keyboard I don’t really know how to capitalize, space or enter on here!! So any ways I’ll be sending some stuff home!! I love you all I am having a blast!! God has blessed me so much!! I love it here!!!!! I hope you guys are all doing okay please let me know how you are doing.
 I love you all.  I’m having a great time.  The people here are amazing.  I have come to love them so much in past couple days.  Even though I have no clue what they or I am saying!! Hahaha love you all.

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