Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love the Gospel!

Hey so this week has been quite the adventure.  We went proselyting and we just decided to work hard and we set some goals.  We completed all of our goals and more! We placed lots of el Libro de Mormons and pamphlets.  I think that’s the English word for them. I am starting to forget some English words hahaha. Anyways we were talking to this one guy in the street and it took me five min to realize he was speaking English.  I was like wow you speak English and he was like yup. hahaha so then I resumed talking to him in English I found out he lived in Louisiana. He was in their prison.  He bore his testimony about the book of Mormon and how he knows joseph smith translated the book of Mormon through the power of god. It was so cool.  I asked him where he got his lessons and he said he received them in prison. hahaha so funny.  I asked him to be baptized and he said yes!!!  I sent the missionaries in that area to him.  I hope he gets baptized.  He said he wanted to be ready on his own terms before he gets baptized.  Time to be serious. I want you to know I have grown so much just in these last 9 weeks. These past 9 weeks only felt like an instant. The first week in the MTC in Provo I was just wishing and hoping the 2 years would already be over but still would have all the experiences.  I just wanted to go to college and get married and see my friends. I was stupid for thinking and wanting that.  these past 9 weeks went by way to fast. I want you all to know I love the gospel!!! I have come to love this gospel more than anything!! Even laughing!!! This gospel is true!! Our father and savior Jesus Christ know us all personally and wants to have a personal relationship with us. our savior Jesus Christ, who is perfect in all things, showed us the example of being baptized (2nephi 31) and showed us how to preserver hasta el fin (endure to the end sorry forgot the English way for a second) and then he being full of charity went into Gethsemane and suffered incomprehensible pain, bleeding from every single pore, solely for all of us. I say solely because we should all have a personal relationship with our Lord to feel like it was solely for ourselves. Our savior has gone through all I have gone through and everything I still have to go through. Not just emotional pains or physical pains but he has lived through all of our trails. We just have to turn ourselves to the lord. He wants us to and we have to if we want to be the best we can.  We have to put our faith in the lord. He wants us to and feels the promptings of the lord. I always asked myself how I know if it the spirit is talking to me but just as Elder Bednar says stop worrying about it. If we are a good boy or a good girl and trying to do our very best then it’s the spirit talking to us. Another way is what president Hinckley said, if it is an influence for good it’s the spirit. I know our savior suffered on the cross. I just get so teary eyed every time I see our savior on the cross!!! How hard that must have been. So hard for peter to have the savior be crucified on the cross and not know what to do for a while. I testify that joseph smith translated the golden plates.  There is no way a young man could translate the book of Mormon, establish the church and have it last this long on earth today if it wasn’t true. As I am writing I can feel the spirit testify all this to be true. I feel it through my entire body. I love the lord and our father in heaven. I am so honored to be able to give up 2 years of my time to the lord. I am sad that these 2 years are only going to feel like only a moment of time. Because this time is but a blink of an eye I need to make sure I don’t waist a moment of it. My savior, yes my savior, has done everything for me.  Suffered everything for me being all charitable.  I would feel awful to waste time in my two years that I dedicate to him. I am so honored to be his instrument. I can’t do this work without him. I have come to realize you can’t give more to the lord than he has given to you. Every time I feel like I just served the lord I still come to realize he is blessing me ten times more than what I have done for him. I love the lord. And I say all this in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!
I love you all!! Have a great week your all in my prayers

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