Sunday, September 2, 2012

One more week! 9/1/12

So great news I get to leave in one week to El Salvador (fist bump with elder Ashcroft even though he isn’t going there but we just still fist bumped).  I am so excited to go teach and tract. Tracking is so much fun! I love doing it here. I get to go this Monday again.  I’m so excited. I have a new favorite song "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing".   I love it!!! It’s so funny, here there is a street sign that says "don’t read the book of Mormon it’s how they get you" of course it says that in Spanish though.  Hahaha so funny!!!  Since I have gone on a mission I have been thinking about what I want to be and for some reason I have a got good feelings about joining the military or being an ancient world history major.  They are two very different things and I don’t want to join the military, but I have a good feeling about it.  That sucks. So I know I talk about the language being the hardest part a lot but I have been a liar. Don’t get me wrong it is hard and I feel like I am behind everyone else but honestly there are 2 harder things.  1. Not having any candy or snacks. I have a harder time being awake and focused because there is no candy or snacks all day!!!  I pretend like my vitamins are candy sometimes.  Now that my pee is a different color though I decided maybe I shouldn’t take 2000 milligrams a day.   So I went back to only taking 500 milligrams a day. I never realized how good vitamins were until I got here. The 2nd thing is, and I am sure you all knew this before I came out here on the mission, self-discipline.   I will always plan to study something at certain times of the day but when the time comes I change that to something else because I would rather study something else. I feel really good though, my teachers tell me I understand the gospel very well and that I should just worry about the language and not stress. This is funny though because the only time I get stressed here is when we have to watch the videos on how to have good stress while we are out here.  I start getting stressed that I am not stressed.  Then I worry I am not growing or working hard enough.  When the video is over I feel good again and not stressed anymore hahahah.  Really I am most excited about leaving in a week because then I can have snacks and track my two favorite things!!! Well I miss you all and love you all!!!  I want to wish Savannah and Martin a happy birthday. I am sorry that I am two days late saying happy birthday Savannah and 1 day late Martin!!  I love you guys!!!!!


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