Sunday, October 7, 2012

3 Months

cool things for this week is 1 i had my first baptism!! ill send pictures through email of the ccm and part of my first weeks in the field ill send real pictures explaining them next week!! 2nd cool thing is a guy here who doesnt speak english got called to leads england!! cool huh. 3rd cool thing is my pink eye is gone but i got tin worms this week hahaha but dont worry there dead now and i am healthy now!! i am actually glad i am getting all these cool things because i would be so bored if i didnt have these because i dont understand my companion at all. 4th cool thing i worked in a different area this week i worked with the zone leaders and the assistant to the president in there areas so i didnt get to use my machete this week because they were in a more civilized area so didnt see bulls much in the streets but i did see a lot of drunks!! they are so funny they just randomly open there door and try running and they just fall (face plant) passed out in the middle of the street!!! hahaha so for service we picked up passed out drunk people out of the street hahahah!!! they are so funny!!!

so i love that i am changing so much and fast here but surprisingly i am changing a little too fast!! because yes i am trying to be obedient with exactness and because my companion and i dont communicate that well because my spanish is bad and his english is bad. and some times he doesnt like to be obedient i have kinda turned into an obedient Nazi so this week when with him i have started changing and i know surprisingly i have forgot to have fun some times!! but dont worry i am going to make up for the fun loss!! because in our house there is a random fishing rod so tonight i decided im going to try to make pancakes with that fishing rod and try flipping the pancakes over with it!! i know so cool huh!! best idea ever!!! and tomorrow since half our house is out side im making smores!!! its hard sometimes at nights because i want to talk to someone and do this stuff with someone! so i have realized i do a lot of praying and when i think of something funny i find my self praying and telling my jokes and funny things to our lord!! hahaha which is funny because he knows the punch line every time but i think he still laughs!! and enjoys making smores with me!!

so candy down here is so different candy is bread!! but believe me most of the bread is the best bread i have ever had!! they do some pretty crazy delicious stuff with breads!! and papusus is the best food ever!! messy but good!! the second thing is that candy down here is a special tree you can just chop a branch off then carve it to the middle and you suck the sugar out its actually really good and addicting!!!

so i realized my decisions to come out for the mission werent the very best  but i have come to realize the best reason to serve a mission is for the savior no one else!!! i mean dont get me wrong the family friends and myself is good reason and every time i put that name tag on i do represent the McKenna family but i wish my first reason was for the lord and because of this i have tried my best to consecrate all my time to the lord!! because to be honest the mission is very short!! i have already been out for 3 months it feels like only a week!! i really need to focus hard and consecrate my time for his work!!

mom and dad i can see why you felt so sad when i didnt  go to church ! its so hard for me when the people here dont want to change!! people say central america is an easy mission but its really not as easy as everyone says it is because every one here has a believe in jesus christ but dont want to change there ways and be more like him!! so its hard to help them see the truth when they have a firm believe in other things!!

oh ps before i go i just found out my friend Chris Van Camp is in the same mission as me!! he has been here for a year!! he is in belize right now!! i hope i get to see him!!! okay well i got to go

love you guys bye!!

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