Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Loving the Mission!

Hey whats up? hey so the picture idea through email not good idea it takes 10 min to load so i dont have time to send them in email and its 1 dollar for one picture here! so instead I had this guy burn all my pictures onto a cd for only 1 dollar and like 5 dollar to send so i sent you guys a cd of pictures!! sorry i wish there was an easier way!!
so everyone talks about tropical birds in jungles right? well not here you look up in the trees and literally floating above your head  about 2 feet above is spiders the size of my hand!!! so crazy so crazy the biggest webs i have ever seen!! Jacob i am mistaken they do eat frogs here but not in my area i think its more of a san salvador thing!! its crazy i got to go to san salvador for a bit last week, man it is a whole different country it looks like salt lake city!!! those missionaries have it easy!! its incredible how big a difference santa ana and san salvador are when there just 1 hour away in a car!

so the people here have 3 major problems!!
1.Law of chastity yes  i swear everyone is related its kinda nasty, even 12 year old girls have babies yes plural and with different people! its so crazy!! and weird
2. Sabbath day is also a big problem here its so sad actually because i feel bad telling them they cant work on sunday when they work 24 hour shifts for about 5 dollars a day!! and its not easy work what they do here its manual labor!!! and they all have like 20 people living in there house and 5 dollars is not even enough for 1person so hard here!! is big problem here and we as missionaries cant drink coke, pepsi or anything with caffeine in it! which is super fine with me because i dont even like soda!! so i dont have problem with it!! i love it because man they have the best fruit drinks here! and the horrchatas are the best thing in in the world!! mom i am a professional chef of the massa too! if you wanted to know.

I am so in love with the mission, dont get me wrong its not easy there is not 1 easy day here in the field!! but i am starting to really love the mission and my companion is so funny, we decided not take no for an answer for anything!! when they say they cant receive us we are just like oh thats fine we just wanted to share and then start teaching about families or something haha then they accept us in the house so funny!!! or when they say they dont need service i just ask if i can go wash my hands then start doing there dishes!! yeah fooled  them!! hahahah my favorite is when i lie!! yup i know i am a naughty missionary but its my favorite when they are like sorry im catholic cant receive you and then i say oh my mom is catholic then they let us in then i say oh sorry i am just learning spanish what i ment to say is my mom was catholic hehehehe tricked them again!!! but dont worry mom ill repent!!

so yeah the mission is incredible!! but i wont lie it is super hard!! and i think my sicknesses are a trail of faith!!! because at first i was just like i can just go home get surgery and be fine! but then i realized those are just excuses to go home!! and from what i know now i never want to go home!! and actually i am scared that my 2 years is coming up fast because i feel like if i go home i will become the person i was before my mission!!! and i dread that person!! and i am scared that if i have to go home for some medical thing i wont be able come back out because ill go back to who i was!! and when my 2 years is up i am scared ill become the person i was before also!! my mission presedent lets missionaries extend and i was going to ask to extend my mission but i received my answer that after my 2 years the lord has other plans for me!! but i honestly dont want my 2 years to end!! and i fear for the end of my mission every day!!! i dont really have much time to explain right now about all this because today we only had little time for p day because tomorrow were going to san salvador temple

so love you all bye!! 

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