Wednesday, October 17, 2012


yes mom got all the packages loved them thank you!!! and got the letters love you all!!!=) thanks for the packages loved them made my day!!

so my lessons in spanish have really improved super fast!! i remember my first day in the MTC and my companion Elder Hanson was like "so what think we should teach our investigator" and i just looked at him and said "lets just kill her with optimism" hahahaha so the funny thing is every missionary says they can understand what people say before they can speak the language!! hahaha i think i am the opposite but then again i always was a better talker then a listener!! i just have problems with conjugating to past and future because the past conjugations have 2 different ones!! and the people here speak in vos!! so that is super frustrating some times!!! i always thought vos was the form vosotros no its a totally different meaning!! so its hard because i have to use Usted but when the latinos here use vos its hard to practice hearing the correct form i need to use and because i was taught usted in mtc and ccm its hard to understand the people a lot of the time!! but some people here will change to usted for missionaries!!

so your never going to believe this but i had to buy some new pairs of pants because i have gotten fat!!! didnt fit in them no more!! and it turns out i had a worm but dont worry the doctor killed it so just think if i didnt have the little friend in my belly how fat i would really be! i would be a sumo trotting around!! dont worry mom about the worm i had; deciding if i should hang it on my wall for a prize! or if i should just send it to you so you can feel part of the culture!! hahaha just joking!! maybe not, you will find out in a couple weeks!!

hey i know this is going to be kinda trunky of me but i heard Christianaldo Ronaldo had a hat trick? is this true?

so i found out That the best way to be lazy is to prepare!!! because proselyting here sucks, i worked with the zone leader for 2 days! which is weird because splits is usually only one day but he wanted to work with me 2 days and the president told him too! so worked with him for 2 days! and he has 24 months on his mission, he leaves this week! and he said he has never once baptized someone proselyting and man it is sucks proselyting especially when it has rained for 2 days strait and your walking in water up to our knees all day! so i was laying down one night and i was thinking there has to be a lazy way to do this and bring in more results!! and then it hit me!! a movie night invitation so for the members i made a invitation flyer for a movie night this friday and they all have to write down 5 people they will invite not members or inactive members! then we will go contact those 5 people with that member!! ill let you know if this helps us get more investigators or not!! but so far we have received so many referrals doing this! we are going to contact them all this week! hope it works!! my soccer idea kinda didnt work i made a soccer tournament but to proceed to the next game they have to take lessons with us!! after about 4 times they all dropped out, kinda sucked!!
so spiritual thought for this week is
I am so grateful for the simplicity of the gospel to help us understand and come closer to christ. but because we are (men) we tend to make simple things difficult!! it saddens my heart when a person here wont take 1 min out of there day to just pray or read a scripture to see if this message is true!! and wont humble themselves just once for 2 min to ask god!! this simple 2 min can bring them to the knowledge of our savior and bring us to who we are meant to be!! if you think about god of course made these simple things for us! because 1. we are in our Carnel state and make simple things hard. so what if he had made it hard how much of us would have the knowledge of the gospel not as much!! 2. because god loves us he made it simple so he can have as many children as possible come unto our savior jesus Christ!! it brings me to tears every time when the investigators wont take this simple step and come to the knowledge of our father!! because i know that doing these simple things will change our lives for the better!! i my self did not do  these simple things as well as i should of and now that i am here i can see how great the blessings we receive and know when we do these simple things!! i have so much love for our father and savior!! and it breaks my heart to see his children deny just one simple step to know the truth just because they cant humble themselves for 2 min!!

well i love you all have a great week!!!!

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