Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eventful Week

So this week was super eventful.   While walking on the  way to our area a tree had fallen; so to get to our area we had to climb a tree.  A giant one dude. I felt like a ninja, it was awesome!!!   So this week was super adventures with the comp.  So I tried to have a comp inventory and I just started off with everything that I have been learning from him.   How he help me learn to compromise and helps me invite people to listen to the gospel better and stuff like that, like be more direct.  Oh boy, that just made things worst.  He just was like yup, that's why I am here so I can teach you to have success and said just a bunch of prideful things.   That he is here because it's all about him and every one here who is progressing it's because of him. 

So this bloke really wants to go to Belize.  So I decided a different tactic to have unity; just suck up.  I just told him that he was the best darn elder in the world and that he is definitely going to Belize and everything. (Cause only the best elders go to Belize)   This worked for about today but I can only suck up for so long. The truth is I really hope this guy goes to Belize, because he does like to work hard and all.  It's been his desire his whole time in the mission.  So I have been praying for him to go to Belize and really just praying for the things that the Lord wants for him this is making me love the guy a lot. (love doesn't mean we get along it just means i love the guy) but I really have been doing all I can and I really feel great about our companionship and everything. Because I am doing all I can to make it work I listen to him and everything.

I won't lie I do from time to time laugh at his compulsive pride-fullness and desire for power.  About 15 times a day he tells me is going to call the zone leaders on me and the president.  I just say va pue. (go for it)   I'm not doing anything wrong, he just has anger issues.  I kinda want him to!  I think it would be so funny!!!  The next time he says that he is going to call the zone leaders I think I'll just call them and say hey my comp wants to talk to you.  That will just tease him good. hehehe

But yup all is good!!!  Having a lot of fun working hard. I really like my new area and the people here they have a lot of faith and love!!  I really believe this April we're going to baptize this family of 5 and 2 other people.  I am super excited!!!  Please pray for these families:  Soariano, Romirrez, and Gutirerez.

Thanks guys love you!!!

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