Monday, March 18, 2013

Rocky Mountains

Hey guys,
So it turns out I'm not training this change I've got a regular comp!  But I am senior comp. and still opening a new area in Wilsalcul called Sabana Grande.  It's a pretty cool area the people are pretty chill and loving a ton of mango and everything.   This area is just a bunch of hills, I walk up and down all day long!!  I feel like it's the rocky mountains just hiking and doing the 50 miler merit badge over and over again, every day all day.

I live in a house of 4 elders which is really nice because my companion is making me miserable because  he doesn't like jokes or anything and doesn't like my ideas.  My comp is super boring and super super prideful. Since I want unity I just let him make all the decisions  and everything.
So this week has been super good in the way of the work for the lord.  We're going to be baptizing a family this 31st.   I really feel like if your doing what you should be doing you should baptize every month.  So I really put all my faith in the lord for this month because this is a new area where there was no elders before and no attendance, no nothing.   My comp and I have to work super hard.

So I read a talk from an apostle from like the 90s and it talked about the power of god and the atonement.   It talks about his power comes from honoring is Father and now I understand the importance of honoring my mother and father so I can have blessings and power too.

So I get a smoothie when ever I can, just so I can feel some Martin time out here. miss the bloke.
Elder Daniel McKenna

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