Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Working Hard

Hey everyone!!
So this week we didn't get very much news but we have 4 new dates for baptism this month!!  My companion and I are working so hard!!    So we had one date falloff for this 22nd only because the mom didn't know how old there kid was and she said he was 8 years old but he was born in 2005 so its not possible that he is 8 years old.  But yesterday my companion and I set a date for the 26th for a family to be baptized, so I am excited for that date!!!
I'm so grateful for my dad teaching me to work hard even though I never tried it out in my entire life, but because he taught me I knew what hard work was.  But you all knew I couldn't try working, because my favorite hobby is being lazy.  Unfortunately I have had to sacrifice that hobby  for these 2 years, but don't worry guys when I get home I'll pick up my hobbies again and be lazy!! hahaha but thanks dad for teaching me the knowledge of hard work and now I am actually applying it in my life and yup I have started to be actually able to tolerate work.  Only tolerate it though.  I am not going to say I like to work,  just can tolerate it now.  So don't worry mom when I get home in a year and half I'll be sleeping on that couch tell 4 in the afternoon just like good old times!! 
Hey Ry guy and Jacob thanks so much for your example to me to come and serve a mission.  I can't even image how hard that had too of been for Ryan to be the first in the family to serve a mission.  I don't think I could of done that, actually probably wouldn't of done that to be honest.  But because of your example and faith to put the tag on I learned a lot from you. and Jacob thanks for your example to do the same thing and learn a language and live in a place that doesn't have all the same blessings we have.  I never realized how blessed and lucky I was to be born in the states!!   Man like carpet!!  Who would of thought I would dream about carpet!! and putting my bare feet in it every night and day!! well some times in the day.
So the other day proselyting (knocking doors)  this guy thought we were CIA and was like take out your bible so I took it out and oh boy was he scared he was sweating and everything.  I know this is kinda mean but I couldn't stop laughing because people think I am CIA, little old me!! hahaha so funny!!!
So the other day a baby was crying, she was like 2 years old and the mom told me to get her and oh my gosh she was 120 lbs the same as me, oh man I could not even pick her up I was like trying so hard man I almost just fainted!!!
Elder McKenna

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