Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey Everyone!!!
So I am pretty much having the time of my life!!!  I  talked to my companion about everything.  I shared with him my goals and talked about how I can't complete them without his help and talked to him about how I know that if we are really obedient we will have more success.  I just decided to be myself again.  When I wake up, I just tell myself today is going to be a great day!! And now I am my happy self all the time again!!  I have never been happier, this last week has been amazing just everything makes me happy!!  My companion came to me the other night and said  I don't want to be a regular missionary anymore, I want to be the missionary that I used to think missionaries were angels, can you help me!!  Man I love my companion, we are having so much fun, but working so hard!!  This last week we had 30 lessons with members and this week we're shooting for 60!!  We really have got our ward working hard and my companion is super chill, and now we are talking non-stop, joking around, goofing off, but of course we play hard and work hard!!  Yesterday my companion helped me be obedient!!  Because as you all know, I love sugar!!!  Apperently the coke here is made with real sugar cane so when the member offered me some I said yes, but then my companion said no not today!!  Saved me from that crave I have for sugar all the time!!!

So on a cooler side my converts of last week bought me 3 live ducks!!  I am going to kill them and cook them this christmas with there help!! super cool!! Except I kinda don't want to kill them, there cute and it's not true what people say about ducks not being friendly!!  Its a lie they are so friendly and fun to play with!!

Okay I need you guys to pray for family Hernandez still, we are going to baptize 3 of them on the 30th but the parents can't be baptized until Carlos wants to get married and its super sad because the kids and the mom pray every night for him to want to get baptized.  I'm also baptizing a family Dec. 30th too!

Supposedly I am going to be made district leader and training  this next change but as of right now its just rumors and the zone leaders suggested that for me. But honestly I don't want any of that!!! I just want to be minor comp my whole mission, I mean jr. its nice!  I get to work hard and don't have to worry about others! perfect!!  I especially don't want to train, especially if it's a gringo not knowing spanish because I myself don't know spanish well enough.

I hope I get to go to Belize and learn creole though that would be legit!!  But I have a feeling I will have the opportunity eventually, because even before I got my call I always felt I was going to serve in 2 countries!! But it turns out part of Guatemala is in my mission also, so we have 3 countries and 2 islands in my mission.  I want to get sent to San Pedro, the island super cool
Well see ya guys, I am going to go play volley ball.

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