Sunday, December 2, 2012

Loving the Mission

Hey Family & Friends,
So I have a question how come lots happened in the world after I left it? All the good movies are coming out, Soccer:  Messi has more goals then Pale now, Christiano Ronaldo had 2 hat tricks, American womens tean won the gold medal and The Giants won the world Series.   I'm darn good at soccer and speak the romantic language but no girls to impress!! Even my mission got ten times better except peanut butter that is not better that is super expensive here!! Oh one more bad thing I had to take more money out because I had to work with eveyrone in the district and while I was gone my companion was I guess on the phone for long times in the night and the bill was $155 so I had to pay it, because he has no money, so I payed all my mission money for the month that I had left and had to pay some of my personal money.  I'm sorry mom and dad about that, I should be reimbursed in December!
So the hardest thing still for the whole mission is not having candy, especially mike and ikes and red vines.  Can you guys believe I have not had candy for like 4 months!!! Man it sucks, I used to not be able to go a minute with out some delicious mike and ike's in my mouth!!!  But honestly you all know me how I always was the goof ball, so every one liked me and I  was just super friendly with people.  Well, candy is now not the hardest thing for me in the mission, it's knowing I am living with people for 2 years that absoluletly hate me!!  Only because I won't do the disobenient things they want to do.  They are not really bad things, but we commited to the lord not to watch any movies or do any of that for 2 years so I am trying to do my best and yes I am hated for it.  But  just like the scriptures say, " love casteth out all fear" so that gets me through it. But I can see how some disobidience affects the whole mission. Even when other missionaries are disobident in other areas, my members and stuff talk to me about it!!  So it's more than a little frustarting.  So we had a couple baptisms drop, I'm super sad about that.  But we have some baptisms tomorrow, so that will be good!!  This december were having a christmas recording of baptisms for the 22nd or something like that.  Changes is the 5th of december I am going to get a new companion. I have been really praying for an obident companion wanting to work hard,  because I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish, but its hard to accomplish if I have a  lazy companion.

But I am working hard and loving my  mission.  Oh and Elder Van Camp (Chris) my soccer buddy from American Fork is now in my zone.  Remember him Jacob and dad!

So while I have been out here I have remembred that god works though people and revelation works though people!! I remember when I was in seventh grade and i just remember sitting down stairs thinking and remembering mom and dad always telling us to pray if this gospel is true! So one night I decided to pray and I got a feeling to go look in my scriptures and as I went to my scriptures on the front cover there was my mom´s testimony taped to it. I don't know when my mom taped that there or when she got the feeling to put her testimony there. But because god knows all of us and we are his children he gave my mom the feeling to do that!!  Now I don't know if my mom thought at the time that was the spirit telling her to do that or not but i know that was revelation from god for my mom to put that there because god knew I was going to pray and ask. So for this email I am here to tell you guys to stop worrying and just focus on being our selves and doing what's right.   God is going to use us and put us in the path of his children because god knows each and everyone of us more then we do! So like Nephi if you just go and do and be your self and be a good person your going to be guided by our father in heaven to do what's right! That right there is revelation! We might not see it as revelation because we might think I just did that to be nice but god knew you were going to do that and that's why he put that person in your path.  So just remember be like Nephi and go and do and focus on whats right and the lord will bless and magnify you!!!

On another note!!!  So you all know I like change and P-days are supposed to be fun. I feel like I do the same thing every p-day.  I have to write home and do stuff and now its starting not to be fun. So is it okay if I don't have to write every week? I mean I'll call on christmas and when not writing home is not fun no more I'll start writing again maybe we can compromise one month I write next I don't, what do you guys think?
Love all you guys!  Elder McKenna

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