Wednesday, January 30, 2013



So this week was super chill!! Except one of my investigators I don't understand because he refuses to speak spanish to me because he wants to practice his english because supposedly he lived in the states for like 5 years. But his english is spanglish and I don't understand a word he says, but he comes to church with us and today were going to teach his whole family.  I don't know if he is married or not because in spanish he said yes but when I asked in english he said no and gave me a whole long story that I ddn't understand one word.

I am getting to the point where I am forgetting a lot of words in english. and I decided I am not mexican anymore I am Salvadorian.  Because when my companion asks for something or ask what a word means here it's because spanish in mexico is completely different, I was asking for a straw and the word for straw is completely different here. and he always says no monches and here they say va querer and they pronounce there Y and LL with the sound Y in english but here the Y and LL is a J in english a soft J.  So some times I feel bad because he asks me what something is,  in mexican spanish, but I can't give him the word in spanish here cause I only know salvador spanish. I have gotten to the point where I can speak vos pretty well.

Something funny is we have 3 new families we're teaching and these 3 new families all know each other and they know the leader mission.  So I invited them all over for a family night and we made s'mores and everything and bonbons in mexico is marshmallows and here its marshmallos but i just say marsh and they understand because they know I like to cut my words in half sometimes. Anyways back to my story, so he was like hey were going to cook bon bons in the fire and bon bons are lollipops here so they were all looking at him funny and of course I didn't correct him because its just to funny.

So we're doing really well right now!!  We're having a lot of fun!!  Mom I had to use a lot of money this week because my backpack got stolen and shoes too. and Elder Gotschalk's too. So we both bought buslighter new backpacks today, I used the debit card for that but he payed me back just this minute while writing you.  Yeah, I really have hit my 6 months because I had to fix a lot of my pants and shoes and everything, sorry mom.
Love all you guys!  Elder McKenna

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