Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Companion


So this week was a lot of fun!! My sons name is Elder Martinez and he is from Mexico and I have learned that Spanish in Mexico is completely different then spanish here.  He is always asking me what some spanish words mean here and I feel bad because I don't know the spanish mexican word. So I am sad for when I talk to Jacob after the mission because he didn't get the chance to learn the cool spanish. I like the El Salvador spanish words more then a lot of the spanish words in mexico, sorry fam!!

So my companion is super cool because he wants to work but he is a little over bearing with the rules and stuff. During study time and everything we study all we are supposed too and we are obedient with exactness.  I even teach him English for one hour every morning but when I talk to the other elders in 'tu" form or in "vos" he corrects me and is always like, rules are rules, we only can talk in "usted".  It's getting really annoying because when I talk to the zone leaders they even speak to me in tu and vos.  I want to be able to speak really well in tu, usted and vos and transition really well but he always corrects me to speak in usted.  Then when we are working and have lessons and teaching he is super lazy, he won't walk worth a darn!  The other day we were in an area 45 min away from where the bishop needed us to go to teach.  My companion walked as slow as a turtle and I was like running because we had 3 lessons in the next two hours and these are 3 families really important.  Here if your late they don't want to receive you.  (but it's okay for them to be late)  So I was running and he refused to even speed walk and this really bugged me because its not okay for me to speak in tu with missionaries but its okay for him to be lazy.  The other thing is he is racist, a little bit, because the zone leaders need to work in my area to know my investigators and to have an interview with them, so he had to work with the other zone leader and he is a gringo and he was so mad saying all these bad things about gringos.

Other then that I really am learning from him and I am glad he has the desire to be obedient. He was mad the other day because I had an idea to door contact with cake in my hands because everyone here likes cake.  So I thought it would be a good fun hard way to work and it was super fun knocking doors with a giant cake in my hands and it actually really worked, the people here loved us and invited us in.  It was super fun.  My companion thought it was disobedient and called the zone leaders and all they said is "hey that's a good idea I want to contact with cake".

Yup!  Having lots of fun!!! love you all!! love the snow pics you sent.  Elder McKenna

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